A Small Walk Down Memory Lane

I was cleaning off my old computer and came across some (well, a lot of) old photos. It's funny how photos can bring up so many memories you hadn't thought of in a while and can almost transport you right back to that moment. It's like I can feel like I am there again, but yet it is just out of my grasp. Anyway, before I get too reflective on you, enjoy these pictures from when Connor was a wee little man and we lived in a different place {Scotland}. 

^^ I always find it funny how as time goes on, I look back at photos I wasn't quite so fond of and end up enjoying them. I had maternity pics taken when I was pregnant with Connor. I literally had hundreds to choose from. This one was never even on my radar, but when I saw it just the other day, I liked it. I liked the simplicity, the black and white, the fact that there is a picture in the world of me where I look halfway decent not smiling. 

^^ This is my favorite picture of Ian. I snapped it (with my iphone 3...so old school now) right after Connor was born. It was the first picture we shared to our family and friends of Connor. I had such a long and trying labor with Connor and was just done. Ian actually got in most of those newborn cuddles with Connor because I was busy throwing up. Good times

^^ Me and a wee little Connor. I love the snow. Even when I lived in it, I loved it. Sure it can be a pain...especially when it becomes a slushy mess. But, I still love it. And, living in Scotland, we took Connor out as a baby, no matter the weather. This picture was taken on the street we lived on in Aberdeen. It was such a beautiful street.

^^ And here is one last picture. This was taken about a month before we moved back to California. I love all our smiling faces. 

It almost feels like it has been so long since we have lived in Scotland, that it is as if it didn't happen. Yet, I was sitting in church yesterday thinking about how, in Edinburgh, we used to go get bagels after church with our friends Richi & Naseem. And I was immediately transported there. I could picture everything as if it was happening right then, but it was just out of my grasp...

I am so thankful for pictures. I take a lot, but so often, looking back, I wish I took more. Pictures can just take me right back to a moment and I like that. I like remembering all we have done. 

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  1. Gosh, it seems like just yesterday I was reading your blog posts from Scotland. Times does fly! And that maternity shot of you is absolutely stunning!!!!! (so stunning it's worthy of 5 exclamation points)

  2. I also love photos and how real and vivid they make memories! I look back through old photos often!

    I had no idea you loved the snow. Do you ski or anything? That photo of you on the street with the snow is gorgeous!! I love the snow too.

    That is such a great shot of the three of you too!!!

  3. I love ALL these pictures. Even the snowy one which is shocking because I absolutely hate snow at this moment!

  4. Wow I remember some of your posts when you were living in Scotland - that seems like SUCH a long time ago!


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