little moments not to be forgotten

teeth brushing apparently is exciting // swinging // bubble beard // bubble love for Isla too // well that never happens...but I'll take it // my little ipad thief // my little monster // miss sassy pants

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  1. Great photos! My favorites are the Connor brushing his teeth and the ones of the kids in the big chair.

  2. That first one of Connor is the best! He has a super cool mom that got him an awesome toothbrush that's super fun!
    and the last one of Isla, she's totally your mini!

  3. Do you get comments all the time about Isla's hair? It's so long and shiny and it falls in lovely waves! I'm sure plenty of grown women would kill for her hair.

    1. All the time! People ask if I curl it, if I have it layered, etc. And I don't do anything. She has never had it cut, not even trimmed.


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