Almond Blossom Festival

Did you know that all of the almonds sold in the US are from the central valley of California? And 70%  worldwide. Crazy, right?! When the almond trees bloom in February/March, the central valley is a beautiful place to live. The trees look majestic. And, shockingly enough, we also have an almond blossom festival at the same time.

Besides blowing copious amounts of money in no time at all, we had a good time. Well, and it was a bummer that Isla was a bit too small to ride on any of the rides by herself. But Connor sure enjoyed himself! And the rides Isla got to go on with us, she enjoyed as well.

^^ The first time we ever gave Connor cotton candy, he refused to eat it, so we shoved it in his mouth and he has loved it since. We tried the same with Isla and she would just spit it out. Oh well. 

The carnie running the ferris wheel told me he would stop at any time if Isla got scared. Girlfriend wasn't scared at all. She was frozen stiff looking around, but when I asked her if she was having fun, she said "yes". Then the ferris wheel stopped to change passengers and Isla started getting daring. She was trying to take the seat belt off and to stand up. Awesome.

^^ Look at that face! 

It was a really fun day couple hours. Connor's favorite thing was the obstacle courses and fun houses. And I would say Isla's favorite thing was definitely the ferris wheel. Hopefully next year Isla will be big enough to go on the rides by herself and Ian and I can sit out on all those rides that go around (and around and around) in circles!

In case you want to see pictures from the Almond Blossom Festival last year, here you go

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