Connor's imagination is alive and constantly going and I love it. He is literally telling a story constantly throughout the day. Looking at this picture, you are probably thinking to yourself that Connor is holding a lego. While that is true, he is actually holding the remote to a tv. And the tv? Why, it is a puzzle (with all the pieces removed) of course!

^^ The tv and remote

The best part was when Connor crawled under the table next to his "tv" and acted like he was in the tv. He was telling a whole story. Of course it didn't make sense (to me, at least), but it was so stinking adorable. And he used a high pitched voice to do this.

Things like this happen all the time. I love it. I love hearing about Connor saving people from lions or rescuing someone from a fire. He always has to be the good guy! I love watching him have lego people find gold or a police chase happen in the middle of my living room. Sometimes I think I enjoy this kind of thing so much, that I really am a kid at heart! The only thing is, I really do wish the cups of coffee and ice cream cones Connor makes for me were real. That would be nice. 

And I just realized I blogged about Connor and his imagination almost a year ago to the day. So, feel free to read what I wrote then.

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