Siblings, Sunglasses & Sunday Best

I'm pretty sure it is my lot in life to be the mom that lets other moms out there know it is okay if their kids beat up on each other. The internet is full of posts by moms swearing their kids are best friends and love each other SO MUCH. Well, my kids may love each other, but they sure as heck beat each other up almost every waking moment. And now that Isla can fight, my days are never boring. Do you see that knee in Connor's back, trying to push him down the slide?!

I always wanted Connor to wear sunglasses and he has never really been interested. He would leave them on long enough to snap a picture, but that was it. Not any longer. I put some on him today and he was in love. As long as he saw sun, he needed his sunglasses. And you bet I love it because little kids in sunglasses are just so stinking cute. 

Sunday Best

Isla pretty much refuses to stand still for a picture. But that's ok. I am up for a challenge. Even though she totally ruined these tights pretty much as soon as her feet hit the floor in this outfit, it is okay. She looked cute. I am already dreaming of the cute rompers and sun dresses she will be sporting this summer...and to think I was totally intimidated of dressing a girl when I had her! 

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  1. Your kids make me laugh. They remind me of my brother and I. We have become good friends as we got older and I was a tough girl. Win/win.

    Isla is so beautiful! I love how full of life she is! I..S..L..A smart girl!


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