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I am really great at taking pictures and making sure to write updates about the kids on my blog. But, I am not so great about making sure to preserve those memories in ways my kids could look back on...because lets be honest, who knows if blogspot will even be around when my kids are older?!

I've made photo books for certain years before (ok, really only two years), but haven't done it consistently. And I made photo books documenting the first month of each kid's life, but that's it. After I started the series from the mouth of Connor, I knew that I wanted to find a way to more permanently (and personally) document those things. Enter this cute photo book.

This book is from Paper Coterie (who's website currently doesn't seem to be working and I am hoping that doesn't mean they are no longer around). It was a template and all I had to do was upload some pictures of Connor. It is full of tons of space to write down all the adorable things Connor says.

I love that it is something that Connor will have that actually is written down. So much these days is typed out. It really just adds a personal touch that I like.

Though I am sure Connor's wife will get more of a kick out of the crazy things he said as a kid than he will (I'm just generalizing how Ian and I are) I still like that they are documented in a fun and easy way.

I really want to get better at preserving memories for my kids. I loved going through my baby album when I was younger. I loved looking at the pictures and reading what my mom wrote. My mom then made albums for us when we were in school too. I want my kids to have the same memories documented for them too...and not just on a website somewhere.

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