The Perks of Being the Youngest

I remember when my older brother and I were in school, my younger brother telling us the things he got to do while we were in school. He got to go to lunch with my parents or he got candy from my dad's receptionist when he visited my dad at work. I am sure my parents heard "that's not fair!" more than they ever wanted to. But now I'm learning, there's perks of being the youngest...and there's perks for me still being that the youngest cannot yet form a sentence!

The other day, while Connor and Isla were at school, I decided to throw away their gingerbread house. Then I decided I should offer it to Callum and see what he does. The kid lit up as soon as he realized I wasn't playing a sick joke on him. He was seriously ecstatic. He went to town on that thing, until I finally had to pry it out of his sticky little hands.

It's one of those memories I want to remember forever because he was just so excited. It was bliss, pure bliss. His joy about something as simple as getting to go to town on a gingerbread house was palatable.

And given that Callum can't quite talk yet and the kids haven't even noticed their gingerbread house is missing, no one is none the wiser.

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