Baby #4 {18 weeks}

I have literally been the worst at documenting this pregnancy. I have these three pictures, all taken on my cell phone while walking out the door somewhere. I've meant to be better, but somewhere between running the kids all around and taking naps, I just haven't seem to have done it.

I get asked all the time how I am feeling. 99% of the time I feel absolutely exhausted. I don't remember feeling this exhausted in my other pregnancies. And if I get too tired, I just feel sick. But my morning sickness was never bad. My gag reflux though, that's another story. It is still alive and well at 18 weeks, making brushing my teeth difficult at times and bad smells just really affect me. Other than that, I really am doing well.

Foodwise I don't really have any aversions, per say. It's more how I feel when I look at the food! But in general, I have begun shunning meat, which seems to have happened in each of my pregnancies. Any fried and bad for me food really sounds good though. I am eating copious amounts of fruit as well.

I think I can feel the baby move, but am not 100%. I definitely can't feel it from the outside though. Maybe I should just say I am feeling "flutters" and call it a day. I do look forward to in a few short weeks when I can see the baby jabbing through my belly and have some reassurance that all is well in there.

I said I was going to wait until at least 20 weeks before I bought anything for the baby, then I went ahead and got some stuff. So I currently have a mini crib sitting in my room. I found the one I wanted  on facebook marketplace and just went for it. Then we went and got ourselves a minivan this past weekend. So I guess we are getting ready after all. Though I am sure I will wait to buy a pack of diapers until the week before my due date...because priorities. Haha!

There you have it, what's going on so far. I should be having my 20 week ultrasound here pretty soon, but it hasn't been scheduled yet for some reason. Which reminds me that I really should be emailing my doctor about that and not writing a blog ;)

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