30 weeks

Wow, things seem to be humming along quickly all of the sudden. Especially when I realized that my due date is four weeks after the kids Christmas break ends! I guess if I want to do a couple projects before baby comes, now would be the time!

This is what 30 weeks with a fourth child looks like.

I've always had pretty easy pregnancies, especially when I know some people who have truly struggled through their pregnancies. That being said, 10 more weeks of this (well, 9 tomorrow) has me not thinking I will enjoy those coming weeks so much. It's getting hard and uncomfortable to bend over. And, well, I have a strong willed running risk of a toddler to deal with all day, so yeah. I have always been a huge advocate of babies staying in until they are ready to come out. And while I certainly don't want to be induced, I am crossing my fingers and toes that this baby, if not early, at least arrives on time.

I can now feel the baby move from all over the place. For a while, even though I had a nice size belly, I couldn't feel it up high. Well, now I can. And speaking of up high, I think it likes to camp out close to my lungs from time to time, greatly diminishing my lung capacity, making things a bit uncomfortable. My belly button is now flush with my belly, which I think looks a little odd. But even more strange is when I move or laugh/cough and it pokes out quickly. Haha! Being pregnant can be so weird at times! I have been having some braxton hicks contractions. While they aren't painful at all, if I am leaning over when they happen, I definitely have to change positions because of my whole belly suddenly becoming hard.

I washed all the baby clothes I have and I ended up having way less than I remember. But, I figure I have a few choices here. I can do laundry all the time. I can dress the baby in all the clothes, no matter if it's a boy or girl. Or I can pick up some extras after it's born. But I'm set on white onesies. I don't know why, but I apparently have a ton of those. And buntings. The kid will be warm after it is born, that is for sure.

There are still a few things I want to get and do before baby arrives. But spending all the money on Christmas right now doesn't exactly leave me motivated to spend money on baby. I got a peg board to hang above the changing table and need to do that. It is really the only decoration I am doing, so I am sort of eager to get it done. Well, that and finish the mobile to hang above the crib. The baby will be in with Ian and I for the first while. So the changing table is actually in our closet and there is a mini crib on my side of the bed. I would also like to get a new stroller. Callum's seems to be making an awful noise for no apparent reason and the tires are bald. And, well, I looked into how much replacement tires are and realized I could get another stroller for not much more. But that stroller has served us well. It has been used a ton, going back and forth to school every day. Not to mention the vacations it has been on and everything else.

So there you have it, 30 weeks.

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