Callum {3 years}

Likes: playing with his brother & sister's toys, jumping off anything, popsicles, cars & tractors, shooting people with nerf guns, hitting people with swords
Dislikes: getting his clothes changed, the dentist, being told no, having to sit in a shopping cart

talks in sentences
Can count up to 17
sings his abc's
knows his first and last name

This kid can be so sweet and adorable, I can eat him up. Yet, he can be oh-so ornery! I guess that is three. Talking up a storm, yet wanting to keep up with the big kids...though not having the same smarts as the big kids, so shooting people in the face with a nerf gun is seen as totally acceptable. 

Some of Callum's current favorites are hot wheels, Super Wings, and playing anything that involves throwing something or hitting someone with something. He loves reading, well being read to. Some of his favorite books are No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, The Wheels on the Bus and Little Blue Truck.

Callum is probably our most adventurous eater. He will eat pretty much anything. And the kid loves salad!!! He also has a sweet tooth and is constantly requesting candy...or helping himself to a popsicle in the freezer! Which, that reminded me why I put a lock on the freezer when the other kids were little. He loves yogurt and I just recently discovered he loves eggnog. He doesn't really like milk, so will choose water over milk at dinner every night. 

We took the side off his crib a couple months ago and he is doing great with that. In fact, it's pretty convenient because now if he wakes at night, he just comes in our room and climbs in bed. I keep meaning to set up a twin bed for him, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe this weekend. 

Callum doesn't like being contained in anything or by anyone. He doesn't want to ride in a shopping cart and will beg to be out. "I hold your hand!" Then when you let him out, he refuses to hold your hand! He is a bit of a running risk and being so pregnant, that is sometimes hard to deal with. He also thinks its funny to jump and kick you when walking while holding your hand. Yeah, I am sure I look just as much like a train wreck out in public with him and my big belly as you are imagining! 

Callum loves his mama so much and definitely is most attached to me. He says to me often, "I hold you", which means he wants to be held. He always wants to hold my hand, even when he is sleeping. If he is watching tv, he wants me to sit with him, which really means he pretty much wants to sit on top of me. It's all really sweet and I tend to eat it up. 

So there you have it, Callum in all his glory at three.

In case you want to look back, here are a couple of my favorite updates on Callum - one year...and eating his cake!, 7 months (he was just such a smiley baby!) and 1 week (because newborn baby goodness, of course).

And here was Connor and Isla at three. Connor and Callum are wearing the same shirt for their three year photos. 

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