Callum {one year}

Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces
Length: 29.5 inches

Likes: all food...but the sight of bananas make him go crazy happy, legos (yeah, not a good one!), being outside
Dislikes: night time sleep, missing his nap, sleeping anywhere besides his swing or in the car, being hungry, strangers

This past month was a big one for Callum. Huge, in fact. He started crawling...awkwardly, but still gets around quickly. He crawls with one leg in front and more scoots. But he sure can get around. He also is now consistently puling himself up to standing in his crib. And he started being able to go from laying to sitting on his own. Callum also added another tooth, bringing the total count to five. This last tooth was particularly brutal and full of drama...mainly in the form of not sleeping at night. Like I said, big month.

Now that Callum can crawl, he really enjoys exploring. And I have to admit, it totally melts my heart when he crawls into the playroom to play. He thought he was hot stuff recently when I stood him up at the play kitchen to play. He still plays a lot with his little activity table, but is starting to enjoy the little people. And, of course, banging anything together is still a total favorite. Oh, and he somehow always seems to go right for anything he isn't supposed to be playing with that has been left fun!

Food wise, Callum is completely on table food. In fact, I don't even remember the last time he was fed purees. It's been that long. He eats mostly anything. Once he's full, he starts throwing the food off his tray. When he wants more, he waves his hands in the air and screams. His communication skills are great...haha! Some of his favorites are bananas, grapes, oranges, avocado and yogurt. He still is nursing numerous times a day. Really probably four times a day and a few times at night. 

Since I like reading back on the other kids and remembering how things were, because one just forgets the details oh so quickly, I should mention Callum and sleep...or the lack there of. This kid just doesn't do well at night sleep. He is a great napper though. He wakes up numerous times a night. So often that I consider him ONLY waking three times a night a good night. But I am armed with a plan and ready to night wean, so wish us luck! 

Callum loves being around other babies. Usually he doesn't play very nice because he is very handsy and loves to touch them. But he means well...I think. He gets a lot of enjoyment out of watching other babies and kids play. Though he is starting to try to join in the fun. Isla already tries to shut him out of her room and Connor puts things out of his reach that he doesn't want Callum touching. 

Fair warning, there are a LOT of pictures of Callum going at his birthday cake. But I couldn't help it. The kid totally destroyed it and was so expressive in so many pictures. 

Because I can't help myself, Connor at one year and Isla at one year. I can't believe how much hair both of them had compared to Callum! But, he by far is my most smiley and chill baby during the day. 

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