Ladybug Invasion

Ladybugs seem to be relatively easy to come by at our new house. And lately...we have found them IN the house. More specifically, Connor and Isla's room. After finding a fifth ladybug in their room, I decided to do some googling. Turns out, ladybug infestation is a thing. The good news is they are completely harmless to anything but aphids. And it's kind of cute, because the infestation means they are hibernating for the winter. I say cute now, but if we really start having a problem, I am sure cute will no longer be the word I use. And I suspect they are coming into the kids room because it has a totally and completely unsealed door into the attic, which also is completely unsealed to the outside. So, that's what living in a house built in 1939 will get you.

This particular guy actually got a "home" built for him. One he managed to survive in for a couple days before his captor rescuer set him free outside. I will say, I am glad it's ladybugs and not rats. Ooh, rats. The mere thought of that makes me squirm. And this also makes me think of the truly horrible infestation of ants we had to deal with at our last house and how awful that was. You can read about our ant fiasco a bit here and here. Ok, so I totally will take ladybugs.

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