2016 Family Pictures

Every year I sort of freak out over family pictures. Don't get me wrong, I love that we do them. They mean so much to me. I love looking back on them. But they literally cause me so much stress and anxiety. I know, I know, first world problems. I stress about getting them back in time for Christmas cards. I stress about us looking like a circus act while we are getting the pictures taken...though I have to admit, my kids were surprisingly cooperative this year. I stress about what we are going to wear. Which, funny story about that. 

I found the dress I wanted to wear from Old Navy...it is the dress I am wearing in the pictures. I ordered it, along with a couple options for Isla. The package was arriving a week before pictures. Plenty of time. I knew the day it was out for delivery. It never arrived. I tracked it and it said it had been denied. Then I looked at the address and realized I send it to the WRONG ADDRESS. Long story short, I ended up stalking a postman and begging him to give me the package. He seemed to look at me like I was crazy...which, I probably did look a little crazy, three kids strapped in the back of my car, me desperately begging the guy for my package...but he ended up giving it to me. And the dress is so cute, right? But back to pictures. 

I actually booked us to do them earlier in the season this year so we wouldn't be freezing our butts off and so I wouldn't be stressed about getting them back in time for Christmas cards. Which, our cards have already been ordered and are on their way to me. I get really excited about Christmas cards. Maybe oddly too excited. But, that's why I do the Christmas card challenge. So yeah. But, I digress again. Now for some of my favorites from our family photos this year. 

I didn't include the exact picture I used on our family card because, in some odd way, I wanted it to be a surprise when people get it. Because, you know, everyone gets so excited to get our card in the mail and see our photo. Please sense the sarcasm. I don't take myself and my Christmas card THAT serious. 

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