A Preschool Thanksgiving

^^ She thought she was so funny...but her teacher made her uncover her eyes. For a minute there I was getting flashbacks to Connor being the little drummer boy with his eyes closed!

^^ What Isla was thankful for on their thankful tree at school. And I'm told that she truly said beautiful three times...haha!

^^ She ate all the whipped cream off her pie, then went back and asked for seconds of whipped cream. 

I'm pretty sure 95% of the time, wherever we are, people are always like, "Who's child is that?!" about how my kids act. But, you know what, I fiercely believe in letting them be independent little thinkers and also in letting them be children. Sure that can embarrass at times. But it also reminds me that I really don't need to care so much. I too once was an unabashed whipped cream lover. And I'm constantly told that Isla's fiery spirit comes from me. So yeah. 

I don't know how I wondered there, but I did. Anyway. Isla had her thanksgiving feast at school on Wednesday. I always eat this kind of thing up. The song singing. The sitting in tiny chairs around tables. The homemade crafts. I dig it all. And I was not disappointed. Isla did an excellent job singing both songs...and even looked at us and smiled when singing about family...the type of thing I totally eat up. It was a good time. 

After having been on the preschool scene for four years now, I am feeling a bit sad about how all these little things are the last one for a few years. Sure I am excited for new things with the kids, but it's also a little sad to know I will be leaving behind something very regular in my life...and that's exactly what preschool has been for me. Wow, it's not even halfway through the school year and I'm already getting all sad and mushy about it ending! That has to be some sort of record. 

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