A Preschool Christmas

Last year I wasn't able to go to Connor's preschool Christmas party because I was in LA for my dad's back surgery. So, I was kind of extra excited this year because I had no clue what was in store for me. Again, the parties were staggered for the parents who have kids in both classes. First up was Isla. 

^^ Super excited to spot mom and dad in the crowd

 ^^ Isla and her teachers, whom I totally love. 

Isla's class sang a couple songs. One of the songs they rang their necklace bells during. Isla actually sang along this time, as opposed to at Thanksgiving. After the performance, we enjoyed cookies. Isla got a book from her teachers and she made us (or more her teachers made us) a Christmas plate. It was really thoughtful for them to make a present for the parents. 

Next up was Connor...

^^ Drummer boy Connor 

^^ The present to the parents in Connor's class. The angel ornament made me laugh, but it is cute too. 

Connor's class dressed up and did a little presentation to The Little Drummer Boy. Connor was one of the drummer boys. He kind of stole the show about half way through when he decided to start drumming with his eyes closed. He kept knocking his drum over and being all crazy. Then, at the end, he declared to everyone, "I can drum with my eyes closed" and everyone laughed. That boy is definitely comfortable being in the spotlight and enjoys hamming it up for people!  In Connor's class we also had cookies. Connor also got a book from his teachers. And he gave us a decorated chalk board along with the ornament of him dressed up like an angel. 

It was a fun morning of parties. I like all the cheesiness of preschool and how excited the kids get about stuff like this. And, to be honest, it gets me all excited too. Now we are on break and I am enjoying not having to rush out the door in the mornings for a couple weeks. 

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