Second Annual Christmas Card Challenge Winners

I know like three of you (ok, more like seven) have been anxiously awaiting the results for the Christmas card challenge. I mean, a freaking Starbucks card is at stake here!!! What could be more exciting than that?! So I gathered with my panel of judges...I mean, I grabbed my cup of coffee and stack of Christmas cards and went to work. Now for the results...

First to arrive - My sister-in-law Carli won the coveted first to arrive spot. And I guess she deserved it given she sent us a Christmas card right after Thanksgiving, trying to be the first to arrive. 

Best handwritten note - My friend Heidi and her family had the most adorable handmade cards this year. Just look at that finger reindeer family! 

Best photo(s) - I just can't get over the adorableness of this family. And it only makes it better that the parents just blend right in with that gang of kids. Aww, I love it so much! 

Best Update - People sent some pretty creative updates this year. I definitely feel like the creative update letter is making a come back. But this one took the cake. It's a brochure and I totally loved it. 

Best Overall - Just look at this family. I love my friend Bryana and her adorable family. And, well, I also loved her card. I love that it is two sided and that the color scheme of the message on back matched the family's outfits in the picture. 

Honorable Mention - I wasn't planning on adding another category. But, our friend ordered Christmas cards and forgot to change the generic name on the cards. I laughed when I read about it on facebook. I laughed even more when I saw it in person. Thanks for the laugh "Davis family". Your card certainly did send some "Christmas cheer" my way ;)

Now for the winner of the $20 Starbucks card...drumroll please...


Alright people, now get a head start on your 2015 Christmas cards and start planning them now! 

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