Generous with my Possessions

When I chose the word generous for the year, I knew it would mean focusing on all different aspects of generosity. And, given that it is a quality that I want to possess, I was ready to take it on.  The thing I have really learned over and over this year about being generous with my possessions is making sure people matter more than my possessions. I know that sounds a bit like, duh Jessica. But really think about that for a minute. I am sure all of us have a possession, or twenty, that we really care about and would probably lose our cool if something happened to. A few months ago, I was tested with this and managed to come out feeling good that I didn't loose my cool. I realized when I value my possessions over people, that means that relationships end up getting damaged or ruined over stuff. STUFF. And aren't people more valuable than possessions any day?

Another thing I have learned is when I loan something out or give something to someone, it needs to be done with no strings attached. Because how would it be generous if the other person was afraid to use whatever it was for fear of damaging it. That would negate the purpose of the generosity. I'm not saying that when I loan something out that I don't want it back. But what it is saying is I don't expect it back. If they broke it while using it or left it on the trunk of their car while driving and it fell off, not a big deal...because, really, I shouldn't have loaned it out if I was that attached to it. As for giving things to people, I have learned over and over that I need to give out of love and meeting a need and what the people do with that is up to them, not me.

True generosity is putting more value in people over stuff.  This is something I know I will have to remind myself of over and over throughout my life. Heck, my own kids teach me this on a practically daily basis! When it comes down to it, I want to be a person who is known as being generous and one who puts people before possessions. I'm still (and will always be) a work in progress.

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  1. Well written and something I definitely know I need to remind myself about often.


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