Christmas Sappiness

I finally got around to decorating for Christmas and it makes me oh-so-verry-happy. I kid you not, the glow of the tree in the evening is like the best thing ever! And the icing on the cake is that my mom gave me a bunch of my grandma's (dad's mom) ornaments, so I exclusively used those this year. It makes me feel so special and nostalgic to have things on my tree that were my grandma's. I think of the houses they hung in and the fact that my kids are oohing and ahhing over the same exact ornaments that my dad did. Pretty dang cool. One ornament even has a home address written in my grandma's handwriting with the year - 1943.

I was just telling someone the other day that I feel like my Christmas decor style seems to be changing. Our Christmas decor staples were actually purchased the year we got married...that's 12 Christmases we've had some of this stuff!!! I added some stuff along the way, but honestly a lot of it is too high maintenance for my taste these days. I used to put fake snow out everywhere! The kids started making a mess of it and I stopped putting it out. These days we tend to have a more relaxed Christmas style - think less overpriced Christmas dishes and more little people nativity set. I even washi taped all the kids Christmas preschool art on a wall in the dining room and am totally digging it. It livens the place up and is fun for me to look at.

I guess the older I get the more practical I get and the more sentimental I get. Fully matching decor that looks like it belongs in a magazine just isn't at the top of my priority list anymore. Making special memories with my family definitely is though and that we are doing.

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