I truly love rain. I feel like it brings both a physical and mental cleansing with it. Not to mention that it leaves me feeling refreshed. I sometimes wonder if I was born/raised/choose to live in the wrong place, given that I love rain so much. I love the way it sounds when I am cuddled up under blankets in my house. I love how it sounds hitting the car. I love windshield wipers. I love watching rain make ripples at it hits puddles.

I was talking to another mom the other day and she was talking about her kids going stir crazy when it was raining. I was going to suggest throwing them out in the rain to run around until they are soaked through, but then I remembered that not everyone loves the rain as much as I do. Oh, and warm baths and footed pjs are the best after a good romp in the rain too. Of course, that is for the kids. I myself enjoy a hot cup of coffee while they are warming up in the bath.

Oh, and I'm happy to report that I found this red rain coat to replace the yellow one Connor finally outgrew after three years. Lots of great rain play memories in that coat, but now we have a new one to make memories in. Crisis averted. 

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