Finally Some Rain

I waited all winter for the rain to come and of course it waits until spring has sprung to make an appearance (well, a decent appearance). After what has virtually been a rainless winter, rain is in the forecast for the forceable future.  Don't think I am complaining, because I am not. I love me some rain and California definitely needs it. BUT, we just bought new outdoor furniture last weekend and got it all set up. And it was 82 degrees just a few days ago. Now the cushions are stacked safely in the corner of the patio. If I didn't love the rain so much, I would be a little bummed out.

It was raining so hard during Connor's quiet time yesterday that I actually got him out to see it. Then he wanted to play in it and his rain boots were in the car. Like a good mom, I got drenched retrieving them for him.

Then the crazy kid just walked out and stared, allowing the rain to soak him...I tell you, this kid enjoys rain just as much as his mama. It was raining so hard, I was actually yelling for him to come under the porch and he kept responding with "No"...that is until he came to me and said, "I'm all wet. Put me in the bath."

^^ Look at the joy on that face!!!

Rain, don't you worry, I will enjoy you for as long as you stick around. But, maybe the rest of you should worry about me, because, well I am talking to rain!

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