Molding & Shaping

I know this is an obvious one, but I sometimes forget that I am the mother and I am in CHARGE.

There are those days where I just sit there and shake my head at my kids behavior (or lay my head on the dining room table or even just close my eyes). Then I am reminded, it is up to Ian and I to change that behavior for the better. It is our JOB to mold them and shape them into good human beings. You know, ones who don't run around the table in the middle of dinner, screaming at the top of their lungs. Or, ones who don't hit/body slam/push their sister just for the fun of it. 

Everyday I see how my behavior shapes these little people's lives. Connor says "sorry" all the time. About everything. It's really cute, but it's not at the same time...because it is a bad habit of mine. And Isla, well, she says "um" all the time. Again, super cute, but not. These little things remind me what a sponge my children are. Modeling the type of behavior I want from them is important. That being said, I still don't know where they are learning their table manners from! I swear I don't dunk ALL MY FOOD in my drink or get down and run around the table or wipe my dirty hands on whoever is closest to me. 

Sometimes training, molding, shaping can feel oh-so-exhausting and daunting. But I realize, if I just take it one day at a time...heck, one instance at a time...I realize the kids do learn quickly. 

It's weird to think that kids need to learn EVERYTHING. Every single thing in this world needs to be taught to them. We had Connor stand in line and order for himself at a coffee shop the other day. It was super funny because he stood mere inches away from the person in front of him and every time the guy moved, he moved with him, so he was always standing directly behind him. It all must be taught. 

Really, I want to make sure I am teaching in love. I want to make sure I am focusing on what matters, and not caring about what doesn't. I want to make sure I give them grace and let them make messes (and mistakes). I want to make sure I focus on what matters and let go of what doesn't. 

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  1. You a wonderful and patient mother doing an awesome job at a super hard thing! It's daunting knowing you n your husband are in charge of molding these little sponges! Thank you God for Your Grace!


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