Isla in Sunglasses (need I say more?!)

You know when you get something new, you just want to wear it immediately? Well, Isla got these awesome shades the other day and felt inspired to frolic through the neighbors weeds flowers while enjoying the warm spring day we were having.

I have been having Isla rock the top knot a lot lately. I just love it so much on her. And apparently I loved it on me at one time too, because I rocked it all through high school. But it looks way cuter on her. 

Good thing I didn't pay much for these shades because Isla broke one of the sides off them the day after getting them. Or, perhaps was this a case of me getting what I paid for? After all, I only paid 59 cents for them. Of course, she has done this to sunglasses before. After she broke them, I told my mom, at least I will always have these adorable pictures of her wearing them. Because, seriously, isn't she freaking adorable?!

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