Say WHAT?!

On Sunday night, Isla basically stayed up all night long. Let that sink in a little...ALL NIGHT LONG. She did not go to sleep until 6:45am...AM!!!! Then, I had to wake her at 8:30 to take Connor to school. Yeah, that didn't go well.

^^ This picture is from a totally different day. But I put Isla down for a nap with nothing in her crib and when I came to wake her, all this stuff was in her crib. WHAT?!

I was thinking to myself, "What the heck?!" when I was reminded...there is a certain little boy in my house who has done this to me a couple times. It's unexplainable. Sleep just doesn't come. Then the next day, a tired mama has the privilege of dealing with a tired and cranky toddler. And believe it or not, Isla didn't want to even take an afternoon nap yesterday. BUT, she did go down easily last night and slept in until 11 this morning...11am!!! It looks like someone was making up for lost sleep!

Here's to hoping little miss is back on schedule* and doesn't pull any all nighters again for a while.

* About that "schedule", Isla has been having so much trouble getting to sleep since I weaned her. She has been staying up so late no matter what we do. I didn't expect a change in her routine to affect her this much. Perhaps her staying up all night was her form of protesting being weaned?! I kid...kind of.  

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  1. oh goodness girl, I hope she soon adjusts to the evenings and learns to comfort herself in a new way!

  2. Yikes. No fun. What caused it? SIckness? Typical 2.5 year oldness?

    1. I thought it was just being a typical 2.5 year old. BUT, Isla was just diagnosed with a kidney infection, so I am guessing that was the culprit.


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