Tulip Picking

This weekend, my mother in law and I went tulip picking with the kids. I have to admit, as soon as the farm said "dress for mud", I was sold. Mud, fresh air and beautiful flowers, how could I go wrong?! And I was right. It was the perfect place to let the kids run around, get dirty and enjoy themselves. PLUS, I got to go home with pretty flowers!!!

^^ That's her "I'm running away from you mom, whatcha going to do about it?!" look

You had the choice to either clip the flowers or take the whole bulb. Originally, I was just going to take home the flowers, but my mother in law convinced me to take the whole bulb and plant them. So, now I have a flower pot full of tulips on my front porch. And I kind of can't wait until they bloom.

And just to keep it real, Connor had to go the bathroom while we were there. There was one port a pot for everyone and a line of dudes taking dumps in it. I begged Connor (like seriously begged...numerous times) to just pee on the fence, but he thought the port a pot was super cool and wanted to go in there. After waiting for all the guys to drop their loads, it was Connor's turn. It was about the nastiest port a pot I've seen (just behind the time I was 6 months pregnant and one was so full it was overflowing, so I went pee next to a fence and a guy came up and started peeing next to me...but that's a story for another time). Connor still insisted on using it. I held the door open and kept insisting he not touch ANYTHING. After he was done, he declared to all around "It smells like poop in there."

In order to get that nasty port a pot image out of your head, just look at the pretty pictures again. You're welcome. 

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  1. Haha! Thanks for keeping it real!
    And I am super jealous you got to go to a flower farm. I need to look them up and see if there are any near us. I would love to do that with the kids.

  2. These are so gorgeous, I want to go do this!!

  3. I love these photos. I am determined to start taking more pictures of what we do everyday. Well done!


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