Preschooler Times Two

The other day two little postcards showed up in our mail. Two little postcards saying which classes my kids (yes, KIDS) got for preschool next year. I had to laugh a little as I thought to myself, "Wow, those came quick" because, well, last year I was "that mom" that emailed the school the day after registration closed to find out if Connor got in and what class he got. This year, I ran into the school director in the hall and she told me current students and their siblings get priority, so I would get whatever classes I requested. What a difference a year makes!

It's crazy to me that, pending Isla being potty trained, Isla will be headed off to preschool in just a few short months. Truthfully, I went back and forth about sending her. I just don't feel ready for such a big step, but realize I can't hold my children back because of my own fears. And I couldn't decide if I wanted her to be one of the oldest or one of the youngest in her class. What sealed the deal for me was one of Connor's teachers (who will be one of Isla's teachers next year) asking if I was going to enroll Isla, then convincing me that it would be really good for her. And I know it will. It will also allow her to get in two years of preschool (like Connor) before starting her in transitional kindergarden (something I decided against for Connor). Now to get on potty training Isla so she can actually start school in the fall!

It's fun to me that many of Connor's current classmates will be in the same class as him next year. Even with more than half a school year behind us, I still have nervousness about next year. After all, it will be all new teachers and I totally LOVE Connor's teachers this year. Plus, it will be three days a week, instead of two. But again, I can't hold my kids back just because of my feelings. And I know Connor will do great. And, if I am being honest, I am actually happy he has a fall birthday and I have a whole extra year with him before he starts kindergarden. 

It's going to be so weird to be fully alone for two mornings a week. But, as with everything with this parenting gig, I am sure I will adapt. And once my house is plastered with adorable preschool art from BOTH my kids, I know I will be happy. But change...oh change...I am never the best about change. 

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  1. EEEEP! They grow up soooo fast.

  2. I wish I had put Landon in three days a week this year (his last year of preschool before kinder) because I'm worried about his transition from 2 days to 5 full days, so although the change is hard I think you were smart to increase Connors attendance. And I might even start P in preschool next year (a full year earlier than Landon started) because I think he would love it. But it's me that doesn't want to let go. It's so hard to see them grow sometimes!

  3. ugh, I hear you about change. It's a doozy.

    Two preschoolers is something to behold! Especially with Isla being potty trained, you'll really feel like you don't have babies in the house anymore.

  4. Little Isla in preschool, I can't believe she's old enough! What fun though. I cannot wait to see adorable art Isla brings home.


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