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It's no secret that I like rain. So this drought in California has kind of been killing me. Finally (seriously, FINALLY) we have had a few days of rain. It has been glorious. I love the sound of the rain when I am in my house and the sound when I am in the car. I love sitting on the porch watching the rain and I love playing in the rain with Connor and Isla. I just love it all. And thankfully, so do my cuties.

^^ Trying to catch the rain in his mouth

All the good puddles were in the middle of the street, so we went to the middle of the street to play. Like a paranoid madwoman, I kept looking back and forth making sure no cars were coming. 

After we played for a while, I got out umbrellas for more fun. I could not believe how excited the kids got over umbrellas. Somehow both of the kids kept ending up on the ground with the umbrella under them. And Isla ended up loosing her umbrella privileges after banging the umbrella into the car a few too many times (sorry Ian). 

And Connor thought it was great to hold the umbrella upside down. "Look at me mama, I funny." Yes kid, you are. 

Sometimes I think it would be fun to live again where it rains all the time. But then I remember that I wouldn't be able to just send the kids in the backyard to play. AND, there really is nothing like the feeling of the sun on your face on a cool day. But, bring this up in the middle of summer, and I just may be ready to pack up and head for a rainier (and cooler) place! 

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  1. Ooooh, what I wouldn't give for some rain right now! I love rainy days too. I find them both soothing and invigorating. I would love to live in a place with more rain!


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