Time To Just Be

I remember how guilty I used to feel about the kids and I staying in our pajamas until 11...practically every single day. It seemed like everyone I knew was doing stuff and we were just at home, chilling. I almost felt as if it was lazy or something. One day I confessed this to a friend and her response was "I remember those days. Enjoy it while you can because before you know it, it will be gone." Well, I am already feeling like it is gone.

My mornings are no longer slow and leisurely. My days don't consist of nothing but play dates and the occasional run to Target. They are starting to feel like they have to be planned in advance. Between Connor's school days, my new workout group (which I am SO GLAD to be doing), and the mom's group I am a part of, Tuesday is our only free day to relax. And, well, Tuesday lately seems to always have some appointment or another on it.

All the sudden, I find myself wanting to back petal to the slow days. I really need more slow days and less busy days. I actually don't enjoy being busy. I am definitely not a person that thrives on it. I am a bit of a homebody and enjoy hunkering down and playing with the kids. I enjoy connecting with them, rather than shuttling them from one thing to the next.

With both kids going to school next year (and Connor one more day than this year), I know I am going to need to find new ways to connect with them. Quiet times are when Connor tells me about his day...and tells me the best stories. If we can't do it in the mornings, I need to find a new quiet. Quiet times are when Isla brings me book after book to read her, until we have read through her bookshelf. I need to find a new time where we just hunker down at home, with no agenda and just be. Those are the times that the best things seem to happen.

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  1. I admire this about you. I tend to have way more busy days than I do slow days, but I totally agree that in those slow moments some of the best memories are made. It is a goal of mine to spend a lot more time playing and enjoying Nixon before he starts kindergarten this year!


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