From the Mouth of Connor {six}

You will notice a trend, lots of talk about sissy, legos and Jesus. I guess those are the three things that consume his thoughts!

When sissy talks like me, then she can build legos with me cause then she won't take them apart. 

Jesus turned water into wine, then all the fish died. 

I don't think sissy likes ham like I like ham. It's good for little boys, maybe not girls. Maybe you can made a ham pie with ham inside, like apple pie. 

While swinging Connor high, "My tummy's a little frightened."

When sissy gets big, she will be a mommy and I will be a daddy. Then we won't be kids anymore, we will be dalts (or know)

Maybe Jesus has a special lego store. 

I'm getting old because we all get old. 

When I asked Connor if they played on the playground at school, he said, "Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't when it's raining. That is just how life is."

He has now said "that is just how life is" about several things and every time it catches me off guard and makes me want to laugh. Such an adult thing coming from such a little person!

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  1. Tell Connor that Landon hopes there will be a Lego store in heaven too! And I'm curious if you're planning on indulging him and making ham pie?! Could be good actually...!

  2. I love him. He really says some of the funniest things! You could totally just give him quiche and tell him it is ham pie. Ha.

    Jesus turned water into wine and then the fish died... I died reading that! too funny!!!


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