A picture showed up in my facebook feed the other day that brought back a myriad of memories for me. It was a picture of my grandparents (my dad's dad and step mom). My grandparents have been gone for a while now. My grandma died when I was a senior in high school and my grandpa when I was living in Scotland.

When I saw this picture, my mind was instantly filled with great memories with my grandparents. Of Christmas parties, my grandpa's "famous eggs" and my grandma taking me to Knotts Berry Farm because I wanted to go oh-so-bad. But I also realized how too few pictures I have of my grandparents. That really got me thinking.

I LOVE taking pictures of my kids. And the reality is, those pictures will always mean so much more to me than they will to them. I am not saying they won't like to look at picture of themselves as kids. But I am saying, they will mean more to me than them. BUT, add in people they love to those pictures and they take on a whole new meaning. This really makes me want to up my game of taking more pictures of my kids with their grandparents (and great-grandma). 

Now that I have lost most of my grandparents, I am surprised how much pictures of me and them mean to me. And the reality is, I don't have many. In the digital age, it is so much easier to share and reprint pictures. Whereas, the only pictures I personally have of me and my grandparents is from my wedding and a few other random ones I happen to have. 

I really want to make sure I do things with all the pictures I take so that they don't end up lost on some dead hard drive someday...or lost out on the vast internet somewhere...this really reminds me that I need to get on making picture books for my kids so they have these memories to enjoy for life. 

Sorry for the downer post. I guess it is just how I am feeling about seeing my grandparents and realizing how few pictures I have with them. 

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  1. It's crazy how one picture can do that, bring back all those memories. a picture. I don't have many pictures of me as a child and I think that's one reason I'm so crazy about taking pictures of my kids because I want them to have them. I feel like I need to up my game too with pictures of family members. and actually DO something with the pictures too.

  2. I like this. A great perspective. I always treasure the photos I have of me with people when I was little, especially people who have passed away.


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