The older I get, the more important I find my family connections to be. Also, the more important I find taking pictures with family. I try to make sure to capture special moments of Connor and Isla interacting with various family members because I realize that some day those pictures will mean so much to them. They may hear stories about family traditions, of uncles being silly with them, of people reading to them, but I want them to also have pictures to be able to see those moments. I actually wrote about this another time.

For thanksgiving, eight of us (my little family of four, plus my parents and older brother and his girlfriend) piled into one vehicle and drove the 3.5 hour trek to my grandma's house. I honestly don't remember the last time we have gathered as family like this. My aunt and her family were there as well as my uncle and his wife. It really was great to see family I rarely see and just enjoy the day. I also took the opportunity to take some pictures with my grandma in them. The most special one to me is the one with my grandma, mom, me and Isla. I had the privilege of my great grandma being alive for all of my childhood. I remember her and have fond memories of her. I feel privileged that my kids get to know their great grandma, my mom's mom, and know that one day Isla will appreciate having this picture, this piece of family history, to look at.

And now that I think about it, what I really should have done is taken pictures of the eight of us crammed into one vehicle because I am pretty sure that is a memory that none of adults will soon forget...and one we probably will never repeat!

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