2014 Family Pictures

I'm going to warn you, you are about to be inundated with so many pictures, you may not know what to do with yourself. But it was hard to limit myself to even these because there are just so many pictures I love. I love that these pictures capture the real us. Our kids were squirmy that day {and always}, we played, we had fun and great moments were captured. So here you go, a few...or a lot...of my favorites. 

^^ Look at that genuine smile!!! I love it so much. 

^^ I love this picture. So fun and such joy. 

^^ And this may actually be my favorite picture from that day...or in the top three...there's just so many good ones! I just love the genuine look of joy on Ian's face. 

^^ Me and my boy!!!

^^ This pretty much sums up my kids relationship. They can't touch without fighting, so this is how it happened. 

^^ My favorite family photo. I kind of can't get over Isla's little legs being crossed! 

^^ Already trying to get away from my {surprise} kisses

^^ Let's just label this one "real life". Kids tend to do this to couples. But, you've gotta fight to stay focused on each other. 

If you made it through, I'm so proud! Just be glad I didn't share all 80 of my favorites! Now to get these printed and plastered all over my house. But seriously, there are so many I love, I kind of feel like I should make a photo book of just them. I love them...and the people in them...so much. I love this family of mine. 

If you want to look at family pictures from years past, here you go - 2013 and 2012, and a little 2009-2012 comparison.  

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  1. These are so cute! I love the one of Isla and Connor sitting on the path. And the one of you giving Connor a big kiss. And the family one...okay, you're totally right they are all great!


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