Oh How Our Family Has Grown

After we got our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago, I went back and started looking at pictures from the past couple years. Its fun to see how quickly our family has changed in such a short amount of time. Especially because it seems like this is just how it has always been. It feels so right.

I'm glad we have had our pictures taken in the fall every year and hope to continue to do it. It is a fun and easy way to watch all of us grow and change.

Of course, at the same time, the sentimental sappy side of me comes out and starts thinking about how quickly the past three years have gone and how before I know it, all my kiddos will be gone...there I go again, already worried about empty nest syndrome. Maybe I will get lucky like my mom and my kids will never give me a moment of peace leave me alone!


  1. So neat!! And you haven't changed one bit!! Didn't realize how close in age Connor and Isla are until I looked at the years on your pictures!

  2. These are all beautiful pictures. It's wonderful to watch your family grow, but I bet it's a little jarring to see it grow in fast-foward... there's only a few pictures between the two of you and then 4 of you!


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