The American Dream

Sometimes it's hard not to feel that the American dream has turned into the American nightmare. Case in point, our plumbing is all messed up. We are talking messed up to the point that there is some sewage chilling on our lawn. Like full on turds. Gross and embarrassing! Then the plumber kindly explains to me that we are responsible for the pipes until the middle of the street. And in order for them to be fixed, the street will have to be torn up. My head started spinning. Thoughts of torching my house filled my brain as the nice plumber, with my family's poo all over his feet, explained to me how much this would cost us. 

My instinct reaction is to shut down. I call Ian at work and he is just so insanely levelheaded about this kind of stuff. He's levelheaded and I make jokes to cope. We are a winning combination! Of course, sometimes I make jokes at inappropriate times, but that is a whole other story. And sometimes his levelheadedness irks me, but hey, who's perfect?

Oh and then there is the bathroom diy. I promise you it has nothing to do with the plumbing issues. It still isn't done though. And I am still having to run to the other side of the house if I decide I need to pee in the middle of the night. But the silver lining is that when you do diy projects around the holidays, family gives you gifts to help the project along. We are now getting a new counter top, new sink and new facet. And sometime before next Christmas it should all be done! 

I know you are still thinking about the full on turds sitting on  my front lawn. I am too. 


  1. Oh Jessica!! Thinking about you and the turds in your front yard. Hope your plumbing gets fixed asap!

  2. I feel your pain Jess! Ours isn't the bathroom but the cold water line to the laundry room that is under the crawl space that sprang a leak and we didn't know until the water com[any came out. Now I have mold in my crawl space and have to have it removed and its not covered by our insurance. Then the seals in our windows all went bad at the same time and we have to have them all replaced asap.....sometimes home ownership is for the birds!

  3. Awwww! How awful! Poor Jessica. I'm glad you and your husband work well together. And I'm sorry about the mess. It's pretty memorable though.


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