The Twelve Dates of Christmas {2012}

Last year I tried something new in December with Ian. I copied someone else and did the twelve dates of Christmas with Ian. I really didn't put much planning into it. I basically decided on the day what I wanted to do and wrote a note to Ian telling him what we were going to do. Between having a newborn and the lack of planning of dates, we didn't do twelve dates. So, this year I decided to plan. 

First I listed out all my date ideas. I knew I didn't want any two dates alike (i.e. only one dinner date, etc.). I also knew six dates were going to happen at home because lets face it, baby sitting twelve times in twenty-four days is just a little much. Then I took a december calendar and started filling in days with dates. Lastly, I decided to up the ante a little bit and made a book for Ian that holds the information for each date. 

Each date is enclosed in an envelope, so they are a surprise. On the outside of the envelope is the date the date is going to happen (follow that? date, date...yep, you got it!). And I normally let Ian open the envelope an hour or two before the date so he knows what to expect. 

So far we have been on three dates - breakfast at a restaurant, wine & cheese at home (after the kids were in bed!) and a dinner date. I can't tell you the rest of them as Ian doesn't know! But I am excited. Though I mostly chose things we love, I threw a couple in there of things we never do, so it should be fun! Now I feel like I am not only keeping Ian in suspense, but all of you as times! 


  1. Yes you are keeping us in suspense! I want to hear about the dates, especially the unusual ones you have planned. It sounds like such a nice way to keep the romance alive.

  2. What a great idea!!! I need to steal this idea. It's like a date advent calendar! :-)

  3. Ah! How adorable! I love this idea and I can't wait to hear about the rest of them.


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