Sibling Love

As I've mentioned before, my kids don't exactly play the best together. Plenty of body slams and biting happens in this home! Well, it appears Connor & Isla have found something to do together, peacefully.

Isla loves riding on the train, but can't push the button herself. And usually Connor only wants to play with the train when Isla is on it. Story of my life! Last night Connor decided to hop on the engine and the two of them rode the train round and round for a while, happy as could be. Now I know, if I need them to stop fighting, I can just send them to the train!


  1. Well that's just dandy! How wonderful that they found something they enjoy doing together, especially during the busy holiday season. On a related note.... WHAT?! I didn't know they MADE giant trains like that!!!

  2. What a cute train! I love that it fits in his room and they are actually playing together! So fun! I wonder what is going to happen once Isla figures out how to push that button? lol

  3. Don't worry, Isla and Connor will (most likely) grow up to love each other just as fiercely as they do now! I remember plenty of fights and bites with my siblings but there is no one on this Earth I would rather have in my family than them!


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