Christmas Tidbits

We started out Christmas Eve enjoying the beautiful weather with a walk and some play time at the park. 

In the afternoon, we headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. This is my favorite service of the year. I love the singing, the message, the jovial moods people are in, I love it all. Apparently my kids didn't get this memo. We missed over half of the Christmas Eve service because the kids just weren't having it. It was spent with us running around after our kids in the foyer. 

Then Connor fell asleep on the way to the in law's for dinner and presents. He was less than keen to be woken up to take part in the festivities. Thankfully a gift in the form on a cardboard train turned things around. 

Ian worked well into the night putting together a kitchen for the kids, our big present for them. I was so excited to watch them see it Christmas morning. They didn't disappoint. And Connor wanted to open every present under the tree, whether it was his or not. His favorite present of the morning seemed to be the present he picked out and gave to Isla, an ice cream set. 

Enjoying the festivities at our house made us totally late to my parents and everyone was waiting. The highlight there was Connor getting to play with his cousin, Tanner. Also, my mom got both Connor and my brother coffee machines for Christmas and had them open them together. The best part was, Connor seemed disappointed that his didn't turn on...looks like we have a coffee lover on our hands! After all the presents had been open and our tummies were full of food, my mom and I went to Starbucks. Isla fell asleep on the journey and when we got home, we sat in the car for an hour and half in front of their house so little miss could sleep. 

Then it was off to Ian's parents again for their whole family celebration. Ian's cousins played with our kids all night. It was great for all involved. Isla got grumpy and clingy for a little while, but snapped out of it as quickly as she went into it. 

It was a great Christmas. Busier than I would have liked. Our house has more toys than it needs. But we are surrounded by love. And hopefully, somewhere in the middle of the hoopla, my kids are learning the real meaning of Christmas. 

Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.   Luke 2:11

Hope you all had a great christmas! 

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