A Little Visitor

Today while I was making dinner, I hear Connor yell from his train table "Mama, there is a turtle on my train". I went in there to find a ladybug on Connor's train. 

It was cute how enthralled with it he was. Yet at the same time, I am sure this little ladybug was scared for its life. You see, when it got off the train, Connor proceeded to chase it with the train. When it went off the track, his train followed. Of course, he would also pause to take close up looks for himself. Finally the little ladybug smartened up and flew away...of course, it is still trapped in our house somewhere! 

It was a pretty darn cute little scenario. And it warms my heart to be able to relive things like this through my kids eyes. Sure I do still get excited when I see a ladybug, but not that excited.


  1. This is so cute... somehow he must have thought that Mr T shrunk, changed colors, and added spots. haha


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