What Isla Wore {three}

The more I dress this little munchkin, the more I get used to my role of dressing a girl. A few months ago I wasn't too fond of putting her in dresses. Maybe it is the change of season or maybe a change in me, but seeing this little girl in a dress (or skirt) and some crazy tights is about too much for me. I love it! It also helps that I feel it is more acceptable to dress a girl in an acceptable level of mismatched items. Eclectic and fun. 

Vest: thrifted
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: The Children's Place - hand-me-down
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Stride Right 

Never mind the fact that my adorable little munchkin will no longer stay still for a picture. And her bangs are so long, they hang down to her mouth...and she pretty much refuses to allow a clip to be on her head for longer than 3 seconds. I love this adorable little gal and the girly little person she is becoming. She has a serious love of bracelets and purses. Too freaking cute, if you ask me! 


  1. She is adorable! And so grown up! Miss you guys!

  2. I totally take advantage of the mismatching clothes allowance for girls. She's so big!


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