Lately {in photos}


1. San Francisco
2. San Francisco - at the Scottish gift shop
3. Isla looking adorable in her owl beanie
4. Enjoying a riveting conversation between a rubber ducky and a train
5. Christmas Eve park fun
6. More park fun
7. Starbucks on Christmas day!
8. Cousin love
9. Little miss sassy pants
10. Enjoying a beautiful sunset on the road
11. Ice cream
12. Isla and her boyfriend

The amount of stuff we have been able to pack into this holiday season has been amazing. We have been having a great time seeing friends and family and getting out and doing some fun stuff on our own. More on that later, but for now enjoy the pics!


  1. Isla looks so big!! What happen?? Slow down Missy!!!

  2. I already commented on IG, but Isla and her boyfriend are soooo cute! I can see why you're playing matchmaker already.

    Love the plaid coat & wellies! I got black & blue checkered rainboots for Christmas this year, hurrah!


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