Awkward/Awesome {eleven}

Awkward: Connor running away from me at the grocery store
Awesome & Awkward: The lady in line after me running after him as my hands were full
Awkward & Awesome: The old lady behind her yelling "run little boy, run"

Awkward: That moment when someone knows your name and is going in for a hug and you have no clue who it is

Awkward: My brother farted really loud and asked Connor "Who did that?" and Connor said "Mama!"

Awesome: Being awoken at 9am by a text and realizing your kids let you sleep until 9am! 

Awesome: Running into a former teacher and catching up
Awkward: He was trying to sell me something

Awkward: When the car in front of you in the Starbucks drive thru turns off their car
Awkward x2: All I wanted was a simple coffee

Awesome: Every single stinking time Connor goes poop in the toilet. I still can't get over the magic that is one less in diapers! 

Awesome: I got my car washed
Awkward: I called it correctly when I said it would rain since I got my car washed
Awesome: I love rain and was so excited to actually clean the inside of my car, so no harm done

Awkward: I went to mail my Christmas cards at the post office and the parking lot was full 
Awkward x2: I decided to suck it up and go in anyway
Awesome: I walked in and NO ONE was in there
Awesome x2: I told the lady helping me it was a "Christmas miracle"...seriously, I probably said it a little too loudly and excitedly, but whatevs! 

Anything awkward or awesome been going on with you?


  1. My awesome is Austin slept 10hrs straight last night!

  2. "Run, little boy, run!" ???? AWESOME! That's so funny!


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