Hip, Hip Hooray for Rain

It's no secret that I love rain. The problem is, with the drought in California, there hasn't been much of it the past couple years. And, well, that kind of kills me. Thankfully, we are having a good few days of rain here. Like good rain. The kind you can hear when you wake up in the morning. Aww, there is nothing like being cuddled up in bed listening to the rain. The kind where you can see the drops plopping in the puddles from your window. I just love it. I love it so much.

With it being a chill out around the house kind of day yesterday, I was practically begging the kids to go out in the rain and play. Ok, I wasn't practically begging, I was legitimately begging. What can I say...I love an excuse to run around in the rain! My kid who is always up for playing in the rain downright refused to play in the rain. Finally I drug both kids out to sit on the patio with me and watch the rain. It took all of 10 seconds for Isla to be out playing in the rain. You know that made this mama a happy gal.

And play Isla did. She was having so much fun jumping in the water, kicking it around and getting all sorts of wet. Isls was so wet that I could hear the water sloshing around IN her boots when she would walk. After about half an hour, and being completely soaked through, I finally made Isla come in. By made, I mean I picked her up kicking and screaming. But the girl was completely soaking wet, down to her underwear. It literally looked like she had showered fully dressed. But she had fun and I had fun...because, you know, RAIN!

Here's to hoping we get more rain this year than last because I could really get used to this whole waking up to the sound of rain thing...and playing in it, always the playing in it.

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  1. I love rain too!! It's totally relaxing :)
    Isla and connor have the loveliest pictures out in the rain!! <3

  2. It's amazing how different areas of the country have such different weather. It has been raining or snowing every single day for weeks. I'd love some consistent CA temps.


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