I felt like I was more excited on Christmas Eve than my kids were. Now, admittedly, I think I kind of ruined things for them by putting presents out a week ahead of time and making them stare at them, so it wasn't like they fully got the idea that they got to open them the next morning. But, me, I was SO FREAKING EXCITED!

The morning of Christmas, Connor was excited and ready to open presents. Isla, on the other hand, screamed when we tried to bring her out. So, she sat in her room while Connor opened his presents. Once she was ready, she made her way out. In fact, she came out wearing a reindeer headband. It was pretty funny and cute that she did that all on her own. 

^^ I'm still in that "I must document every time my kids play together without fighting" honeymoon phase. But I am loving that my kids are playing together more and more often without fighting every 15 seconds. 

After spending the morning at our house, we went and spend a couple hours at both mine and Ian's parents houses. Isla was showered with Frozen stuff and has been switching back and forth being both Elsa and Anna over the past few days. Of course, her favorite dress is a light up singing Elsa dress. And it's pretty funny to see her in it because she totally thinks she is hot stuff. Connor got a police lego set and a bunch of police playmobil stuff and has been going back and forth between playing with it all.

It was a good, busy, fun, exciting and tiring day.

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