The Abundance Mentality

I wasn't really planning on writing about generosity again, given that it is now 2015 and all, but the other day I was reading about the abundance mentality and it really struck me because it is exactly what I wanted to learn, to become a part of me, when I set out on my journey of generosity for last year.

The abundance mentality.

Basically it is the view that there is enough out there for everyone. We don't need to hoard or hold on to things (or recognition) because there will be more to come our way. In the book Clutter Free, Kathi Lipp said, "When we actively practice an abundance mentality, we set our hands to share the very things we held on to so tightly in the past: money, things, time and recognition." This has really been what I have been exploring and trying to expand on over the past year in my life. I have worked at being very intentional in sharing my things, my money, my time. Trying to allow myself and my things to be a blessing in other people's lives. I don't want to hold on to things so tightly that it seems that I value objects (or even money) over people.

Then I felt poked in the eyes with this, "This is not a "name it and claim it" philosophy. This is the radical understanding that no matter how little we have, we are better when we share." WE ARE BETTER WHEN WE SHARE. What a novel concept, right?! It's amazing to me how easy and obvious things seem when in fact I have been ingrained to think totally the think about myself before others.

I am excited to see that generosity is coming more natural to me one year on. I hope and pray this is an area of my life that I continue to grow in and becomes an integral part of who I am.

Now on to 2015 and that journey...


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