Classing Up Flannel

It's no secret that I love flannel shirts. They have been a staple in my winter wardrobe for years…far before they came into fashion recently. Maybe I should consider myself a trendsetter. A flannel trendsetter. That's a good one ;)

Over the years, I have worn my flannel shirts in several different ways - normal, open with a shirt under it, with a cardigan over it, with a vest, etc. But I wasn't inspired to class it up until my friend recently took it to a whole new level. This was actually my attempt to copy her look, but she used a cute bauble necklace and I own nothing of the sort, so my trusty long necklace it is. 

Flannel: Old Navy
Sweater: Madewell
Necklace: Pac Sun
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Old Navy

Since doing this I have also layered a short sleeve sweater over another flannel and liked that look as well. I am excited to experiment and try different things with my flannel shirts. Exhilarating, I know

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  1. How am I just now seeing this!?
    I already told you but I totally consider you a trendsetter. Totally.


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