Crazy Ways Isla Sleeps

When we moved Connor out of his crib, he had a very short transition period of sleeping on the floor right next to his bed. And two times he completely took the mattress off his bed. But that was it. Isla, on the other hand, has been out of her crib for 9 months now and falls asleep out of her bed more often than in her bed. She tends to fall asleep in the same place, in chairs. And usually her sleep involves a book or toy. It's all pretty comical because I often wonder how she actually fell asleep in many of the ways that she does. The other night I found her asleep on the floor. Not near a toy or anything. Just in the middle of her room, asleep on the floor. Interesting is about all I can say about that one. In case you were wondering, going against all the sleeping books advice (and I have read my fair share of them) Isla actually goes to sleep with the light in her room on. I turn it off when she falls asleep. If I try to turn it off before she is asleep, it isn't pretty.

^^ This was after one particularly bad night of sleep for Isla (and thus me). She somehow fell asleep in the playroom that morning with toys even on top of her and thermometer in hand. 

I can actually tell Isla is growing up because her sleeping positions seem to be getting a little more civilized. More often they are now including a blanket…or maybe that is just because she is cold?! And more often than not, they include books over toys. But, no matter how she falls asleep, she goes to sleep on her own without crying and that has always been the goal.

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  1. Ha - it must be a fun surprise to see where she is every morning!

    This is so foreign to me because Taylor never leaves her bed once we tuck her in at night. She even asks permission to get out of bed when she wakes up in the morning.

    I bet Alex will be my Isla!


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