My 2015 Journey

Because life is a journey, my year can be one, right? Plus I think picking a word for a year really is spending a year discovering what that word means for your life...thus it's a journey. Last year, I chose the word generous and spent time pondering the various ways it worked in my life. Being generous is something that I know will continue to grow in my life as the years go on. For 2015, I chose the word


I like it. It's just so...simple. The word simple has such a negative connotation in our society today and I really think it shouldn't. I want my life to be more simple. I want less drama and busyness and more downtime. I want to keep getting more and more back to the basics with the food I eat and feed my family. I want less stuff...less to clean and to pick up. Over the year, I look forward to writing a bit about what I discover during my journey of figuring out what simple means for me and my life.

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  1. great word. and something i think everyone could use a little in their life.


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