Pajama Day at Preschool

Last Wednesday the kids had pajama day at preschool. Just as one might imagine, all the kids wear their pjs to school and are free to bring a stuffed animal and blanket, if they want. It's actually really fun because all the teachers dress up too. One of Connor's teachers was wearing footed ninja turtle pajamas and it was about the best thing ever.

I let the kids choose what jammies they wanted to wear in advance, so I could make sure they were clean. And I totally changed them into them that morning ;) Connor chose his minion pjs, no shock there. He also chose to bring his bear with him, but stripped him, the bear that is, of his police uniform right before we left for school. Connor's class had a bunch of blankets and pillows set up on the floor and they got to watch a movie. They also had pancakes, which according to Connor "only had butter and they only had water and milk to drink." This kid is all about the details! He also made a bear with cozy (flannel) space jammies on it.

Isla, who wasn't too down with getting her picture taken, chose her frozen jammies. Again, no shock there. And she chose to bring her "purring kitty" with her to school. This is her new favorite kitty that she got for Christmas from her uncle and his girlfriend. When I went to pick Isla up from her class, her teacher stopped me and told me this:

Isla ate more pancakes than anyone else. She asked for more and when we told her they were all gone, she covered her face and curled up as she does (which they obviously see often like I do, since she said "as she does"). So we made more and she ate them. 

That girl, I tell you. She certainly knows how to get her way. And she obviously likes pancakes! She even told me the pancakes were her favorite part of class. Her class made a pancake craft, just as Connor did when he was in that class last year. Apparently the butter and syrup struggled to stay on the pancakes. 

Preschool is pretty dang fun and sometimes I wish I was in preschool and could wear my pjs and eat pancakes. Then again, it is nice not to have to sleep with a pull-up on! 

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  1. What a fun day. I feel like I know your kids well enough that I was all "OF COURSE, Connor wore his minion pajamas!!"


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