PJ Day

Connor had pj day at school yesterday. All the kids were supposed to wear their pjs and bring a stuffed animal. Then they were going to spend the morning reading and making and eating pancakes. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted to ditch Isla, wear my pjs and spend the morning lounging in Connor's class eating pancakes...and not helping at all, just lounging and eating pancakes. Alas, that didn't happen. Though, even if I couldn't have lounged and eaten, I still would have loved to watch this fun morning go down.

 ^^ I have to wonder if Connor's teachers would have agreed to a picture if they knew I was going to post it online. But seriously, how cute is it that his teachers wore pjs too?!

This boy did NOT want his picture taken. No amount of bribing would convince him to cooperate either. I still like the pictures. They show where he is at in life. Plus, they show his amazing get up and his oh-so-cute craft he made. Connor chose to wear his rain boots. He insisted on it. Oddly enough, he wasn't the only kid in his class sporting rain boots on a sunny day.

^^ Little stinker refusing to show his face!

I remember how nervous I was for preschool. I was nervous about it for so many reasons. But it is so much fun and Connor loves it so much. I can't believe that half of the year has gone by and in not so long, we will be saying goodbye to Connor's amazing teachers. Of course, there is always something new around the corner...you know, something I am fretting about today and will end up loving when we get there.

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  1. My kids have pj day next week at school. I wish my work had pj day! Bahahaha.

  2. So cute, I love his boots with his jammies! That craft is so great and creative!


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