On Being Casual, But Put Together

For most of my existence, I have considered jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops totally acceptable...more than acceptable, probably even my classic style. Though I do still find that acceptable, I have also found my style changing over the past few years. Especially after becoming a stay at home mom. My everyday clothes are my work clothes and I no longer have a reason to really ever get dressed up. And, well, my daily get up started feeling a little sloppy instead of a relief from work clothes.

I now have found myself drawn to clothes that can easily be thrown on, but look more together, more thought out, than wearing a t-shirt. But these clothes have to be clothes I can be a mom in. This means nothing that needs to be dry cleaned, my butt crack must be fully covered and I need to be able to move in any way imaginable.

Slowly, my "new" wardrobe has been taking shape. And I'll be honest, I feel better about myself when I have a more presentable outfit on. I don't have to worry about looking like a slob when I run into a long lost friend at the store. I don't have to change if we decide to go on a quick date on Friday night. I like that.

Shirt: JCrew
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Toms

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  1. I'm glad you're finding a style that works for you, and that you can be confident in! Especially for popping out for a date night. That's imperative.

  2. Cute! I love that striped sweater. I've found that I've finally come into my own personal style the past few years. Before I would follow trends (or try to), but as I've gotten older and more confident I have really discovered what I like best for myself. I'm jeans and tees during the day - with a little something extra to glam it up and dresses for more "special" occasions like weekend day trips.

  3. I am always so impressed how put together you always are! Well done and good job! There are more days in a week that I don't put on make or do my hair than days that I do. And my effort in clothes usually parallels those.


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