Generous With My Time

When I selected my word for 2014, I knew it would infiltrate many aspects of my life. One of the things I am working on is being more generous with my time. Simply put, this means being present. 

We all have different distractions we struggle with and a big one for me is my phone. Early on in parenting, I was able to set boundaries with my computer and the tv and have easily stuck with them as they became normal to me (no tv or computer when the kids are awake). But my phone has been something easy to justify. After all, what would happen if I missed an important phone call or text message?! And since I have my phone close, let me go ahead and see what everyone is up to on instagram and if there are any deals I can't resist on craigslist and...

It certainly is a slippery slope. Smart phones have a very real upside in life. I can take pictures of my kids doing the funniest and cutest things with ease. I can manage my etsy shop. I can list and sell things around my house on craigslist and Facebook. BUT, smart phones have a big down side. They are a time sucker. Instead of just sitting there watching my kids play or even playing with them, I pick up my phone. Not okay. I actually considered getting a dinosaur phone to stop this, but decided against that because of all the pluses to my phone. What I instead decided to do is not carry my phone around the house with me. I leave it sitting in one place and check it every once in a while. Even if I hear a text message, I don't drop what I am doing, I wait a bit. 

I am not going to lie, this is harder than it should be. But at the same time, it is so freeing. Let's be honest, most texts and phone calls aren't emergencies. But building a solid relationship with my kids is. Spending a distraction free hour with Connor building legos is fun. Reading an endless number of books with Isla is great. And, you know what? The longer I go without checking my phone, the less I care. And that is freeing. 

This is only one aspect of being more generous with my time. But distraction free time with my kids is pretty amazing. And, putting down my phone has allowed me to pick up the newspaper more often again. Another plus side? My battery lasts longer! 

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  1. This is so great, good job friend! It is amazing to me how hard this habit is for me to break! And I am impressed with the no computer or tv while the kids are awake. I admire that!

  2. I have personally been blessed by your generosity of your time(and talents!) so be encouraged that I think you are doing awesome with your word for 2014. thanks friend!

  3. Woohoo! I'm glad that it's (slowly) getting easier for you. I hope that trend only continues, and you can find yourself fully engaged with Connor and Isla.


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